The safety of an organization’s staff is key. When they are out and about, on the road, knowing where they are is important, as is the ability to act quickly if an unsafe situation occurs. This is particularly true in the case of an emergency.

13TECH360, an Israeli company, has introduced an innovative, compact, high-performance person tracker known as GALIL-PETRA™ that provides the requisite functionality. There are numerous applications for this product, for example: it helps ensure the safety of security guards, security forces and patrol missions. It can track and indicate the location of children, elderly people and patients, particularly Alzheimer patients when they leave home and then lose their memory.  Anybody who needs a panic button can employ the GALIL-PETRA.

It can also be used as an asset-tracking device and here too there are many applications: diamond dealers put it in their briefcases in order to track it if it gets stolen.

GALIL-PETRA™ has two pushbuttons that can be used to send an emergency signal to a control center or an SMS to pre-defined cell phone numbers. The device has been designed to work in rugged environments using a waterproof case that is compatible with IP68 standard and it features a powerful heavy-duty battery.

‪Other features include a built-in GSM antenna, an internal GPS antenna, motion detect, high sensitivity GPS for operation in low signal strength environments, a back-up battery and low power consumption.

Wide area coverage is provided by the Telit GE865 module, which is a reliable 2.5G cellular solution that is perfect for size sensitive applications. The form factor is a mere 22 x 22 x 3 mm. Precise locations are enabled by the SL869 V2 (GNSS) module, which supports GPS, QZSS and Glonass constellations and is ready for Galileo and Compass/Beidou. In addition the GE865 supports ephemeris file injection (A-GPS) as well as Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) to increase position accuracy.

GALIL-PETRA™ can be remotely programmed OTA (over the air), even the firmware. This enables the device to be upgraded without the need for removal or re- installation.

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